SHOWER-TROL Just as the name implies... controlled delivery of shower water.

A time of “skyrocketing” product costs, gas and heating fuel prices, and severe droughts affecting the United States – It was 1971. The campground industry was in its infancy and ways to combat the high costs of running, maintaining and expanding facilities were sought. Today, those same concerns continue.


The meter used in SHOWER-TROL systems, are ideal for court lighting, hot tubs, tanning beds, saunas, washers and dryers any application you want to coin operate.

The Benefits Are Substantial

  1. Save water. No showers left running for hours or overnight.
  2. Save energy heating bathhouse water.
  3. Lower disposal fees. Lower septic impact.
  4. Discourteous guests can’t keep others waiting …
    Or use all the hot water.
  1. 120 volt, 24 volt and 12 volt (required in NY)
  2. Customize your time per fee when ordering.
  3. Choose straight time or accumulation.
  4. Coin, token, or coin and token operations
    1. Seasonal guests – Build in a predetermined # of showers with their annual fee and provide one token/shower.
    2. Overnight guests use coins while seasonal guests use tokens.
    3. Token price can change for the same time per deposit. General camping, special events, increased expenses etc, etc.
  5. Use with hand mixing valves or tempered water.
  6. Complete systems for new construction. Or, meters only for customers upgrading their existing systems.


All the equipment you need to coin/token operate showers is included. Meter, solenoid valve, transformer (if required), lock and key, adaptors, wiring harness, label and easy to follow instructions. All Shower-trol package purchases include our #CB-VC-V 2 gpm regulator showerhead.

Your bath house represents the single most important aspect of your facility when it comes to guest reviews according to Woodall’s Campground Management.