SHOWER VALVE – Exposed Piping



Anti-scald valves are a must to protect you and your guests.  Studies show injury time can be as little a 1/2 second for a child under 5 if the temperature exceeds 150 degrees F and only 2.5 seconds if temperature exceeds 122 degrees F.  For adults the time is double, but still only 1 – 5 seconds.  You can’t afford not to protect.

This anti-scald valve instantly corrects supply pressure fluctuations.  Correction allows hot-to-cold water ratio to balance depite fluctuations up to 85%.  Built-in anti-scald high temperature integral stops to prohibit valve handle from being turned to excessive hot discharge temperatures.  Solid brass – NO plastic or white metal.  Stops are brass and cast with the valve body. All trim is copper nickel chrome plated. Only one moving part.  There is little or no maintenance.  1/2″ female copper connections. Double seal packing with adjustable brass packing nut.  Single lever handle control – ADA compliant.

Conforms to all known US and Canadian Standards and Codes. US Made

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