SHOWER-TROL 24 Volt System



Suitable all solenoid valve installations –  behind or within walls, in a plumbing alley even exposed piping in a low 24 volt operation.  Operates one shower per meter.  All meter and valve connectors provided.

Meter is wired through back and may be wall, shelf or recessed installed.  Cast housing, stainless steel face and coin drawer.  Fully electronic with solid state components.  Capable of operating under extreme conditions of heat, humidity, soap and grime.  Range to 185 F. Liquid crystal display with hours and minutes seperated by a flashing colon (:). No coin return feature.  Meter is ADA compliant – no knobs, handles or slides, no tight side deposit points.  Coin acceptor is able to recognize different coins and tokens each with a distinct time.  No match coin needed for operation.  Free fall, front loading with anti-backup feature in coin acceptor. Thread bolt lock with choice of flat or barrel (high security) style lock and key.  No seperate controller box.  Solenoid valve is just 24 volt – 14 watts with 1/2″ NP thread both ends.  Stainless steel body.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Complete meter with coded lock and key.  Solenoid valve rated for all installations.  Transformer.  Wiring harness. Copper adaptors.  Instructions.

Call to discuss timing for your area.  Factory preset / default timing is 5 minutes per quarter, accumulating meter, 30 minute maximum.  Choose straight time which allows a required deposit and time (ie. one quarter for 4 minutes) to run out before additional deposits are made, or accumulator timing with a minimum start and maximum deposit (ie. 2 quarters for 6 minutes, additional 3 minutes per quarter, maximum shower accumulation 15 minutes for 5 quarters).

Meters may be programmed for coin only, token only or coin and token operation. Token packages include 50 tokens to start.  Additional tokens may be purchased in packs of 100.

Warranty.  US MADE

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Lock Style

LK-1B Barrel (vending machine style), LK-1F (padlock key style)

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