Founded in 1970, Trumbull Recreation’s mission was to provide quality US made products for the outdoor industry that conserved and protected our natural resources. Trumbull’s founder established this mission based on his personal beliefs. Beliefs held long before being “green” or “eco-minded” became fashionable.

Trumbull introduced Shower-trol, the original coin-operated hot shower systems. Since its introduction, Shower-trol has saved energy and conserved untold quantities of water. Shower-trol systems are today still saving water and energy, and reducing water waste and waste water treatment requirements. Shower-trol owners cover their operational costs and change this previous expense into an additional revenue source. Shower-trol is the most widely recognized and used system throughout the United States, Canada and the Carribbean. Its name is synonymous with water conservation.

Our mission today remains quality and conservation. Each product is specifically designed and engineered with environmental and ADA regulations, simplicity of use, and aesthetic appeal in mind.

Our mission goes beyond our product designs when it comes to being environmentally minded . . . a) We shred used paper for packaging. b) We reuse corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging material including pallets. c) We buy overstocked boxes rather than new customized boxes. d) Our recycling efforts outstrip our waste disposal by 4:1.

Who are we? . . . We are outdoor enthusiasts. At Trumbull, you will find campers, hikers, volleyball, golf and tennis players. Fishermen and horseback riders. We cycle, compete in motocross, kayak and paddleboard, ski and walk our pets.

Our commitment is to the necessity, quality and value in every Trumbull product. Our goal is helping you to conserve our most precious natural resources and preserve our environment for future generations. We hope to be of service to you.

Trumbull Recreation Supply Co, Inc.

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Don't know what you need? We're happy to help. Call us 800‑243‑0134 or email your plans trumbullrecreation@sbcglobal.netand we'll help you decide exactly what is needed.

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